This page includes pictures of some of the Off-Broadway and Off-Off- Broadway productions in which I performed.
Another picture of La MaMa's "Romeo and Juliet."
With the Magis Theatre Company in our production of C.S. Lewis' "The Great Divorce."  Here playing Ikey, the man in the bowler hat and doubling in the role of Lewis' guide through eternity... George MacDonald.
The old shadowpuppet trick gets Lewis to chuckle
The Magis Theatre production of Shakepeare's "The Winter's Tale" opened in the New York City parks and later moved to our own training and performance space. In this production I had a great pair of roles: Leontes, the tyrannical ruler of Sicilia, and Clown, a simple but clever shepherd of Bohemia.
As Wolf Alexander in "The Last Two Jews in Kabul"
As Wolf Alexander in Oscar Nominee Josh Greenfeld's play "The Last Two Jews of Kabul."  Show Business Weekly described the performance as having "strength and conviction." and The Jewish Standard wrote "Drance plays [Wolf] with a determined bonhomie that seems to mask some internal desparation, a Willy Loman of the Orient"
Jason finding Medea has been released from her chains
As Jason in "Medea"
This play was
part of
Andrei Serban
Elizabeth Swados'
classic "Fragments
of a Greek Trilogy"
.........................Photo by Charlie Hayward
Jason holding the body of his slain child.
Of this performance, The New York Times
wrote: "When Medea's slain children are
lowered down to Jason their father
no words are needed."
Getting direction from Andrei Serban in Elektra.

Here pictured as the Tutor in "Elektra" receiving direction from Andrei Serban.

Staged in a beautiful harbor in Dubrovnik, Croatia

As Laius in Ellen Stewart's "Mythos Oedipus" in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


As Cassandro the clown playing Pasquarello at the end of Act I of Benvenuto Cellini at the Metropolitan Opera.

The Professor insists on the proper pronunciation!

From Ionesco's "The Lesson" as the Professor.
(directed by Niky Wolcz)
This production won FIRST PRIZE at the
International Theater Festival in
Piatra Neamt, Romania.
It was an honor to play in the land of
Ionesco's birth.
Rosette Lamont wrote, "In the role
of the dictator/professor, George Drance
passes through a complete range
of emotions: from false shyness, to increasing
lubricity, anguish, panic."
Below is a shot of the press conference
after the performance.

with Claudiu and Jennifer in Piatra Neamt.